Russia develops stealth cruise missile target simulator

Moscow: The electrical mechanical plant Kupol in Izhevsk – an affiliate of the Almaz-Antey concern has developed a missile target simulating stealth cruise missiles, the plant’s director for military-technical cooperation and state defense order, Igor Ivanov, said.

“It is a real simulator of a cruise missile, which allows for training crews for all air defense systems of Russia’s ground forces,” Ivanov said.

The target can fly in all modes and withstand any G-force effects a real cruise missile is subject to. Its normal flight altitude is 100 meters, which is enough for the target’s parachute to open. When used for live fire exercises the target is capable of flying far lower, just as a hypothetical enemy’s real cruise missiles.

All of the target’s parameters have been tested at the Central Research Institute of the Aerospace Defense Force in Tver.

The plant Kupol is the manufacturer of air defense systems of the Tor family. The latest version, Tor-M2, began to be provided for the Russian armed forces in 2016. An Arctic version of this system is available. The Russian military has already obtained the first machines of this type.