Rehman Malik gives credit to Bajwa for UAE, Saudi Arabia help

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik on Wednesday highly commended United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan for his generous support to Pakistan by depositing a hefty amount of $ 3 billion in the State Bank of Pakistan. He said the people of Pakistan are thankful to UAE government and the UEA Crown Prince for his support in difficult times when Pakistan was passing through financial crisis.  He said: “UEA’s generous support in our difficult times to boost Pakistan economy will further strengthen the relation between two friendly and brotherly countries. Talking to journalists here, he said the credit of receiving this generous support from UEA and Saudi Arabia did not go to the present government. He said the credit actually goes to our defence strategy under the command of army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa as a continuation of Bajwa doctrine and his consistent efforts made possible that both Saudi Arabia and UEA deposited $ 3 billion each in the State Bank to enhance Pakistan’s liquidity and monetary reserves of foreign currency. He said that the people wonder as why the govt is unkind not to give this credit to the silent and shuttle diplomacy of Gen Bajwa which actually made it possible. He said the government should have shown magnanimity by giving credit to General Qamar Javed Bajwa who manage huge funds for Pakistan. He added that Pakistan’s policy on Middle East and South Asia is more of our Defence Strategies instead of any bilateral ties and time is proving that it is a less foreign policy and more defence strategy which is playing vital role in building relations. Responding to a question, Senator Rehman Malik said that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is a visionary leader who responded to the federal government very wisely and amiably. He said that federal government will suffer the maximum and heavily if it tried to topple the Sindh government adding political engineering by the PTI in Sindh will not work and if it worked then it will be the beginning of end of presentgovernment and the heat of such unwise move will engulf the Federal govt also. He however predicted an unfortunate political turmoil in upcoming month and the political boat of the country in a complicated quagmire. He said that some top advisors are actually misguiding the top leadership in the present government. He said politicians should bring maximum legislation on accountability reforms and block the loopholes which encourage the opponents and a section of media to start character assassination based on hearsay.  He said that to be named on Exit Control List (ECL) or being under any investigation doesn’t mean one can be termed as convicted adding that “we need to understand the difference between an accused and a convict.” He advised the government not to misadventure by trying to destabilize the Sindh government as it will create situation paving the way the ouster of federal govt. He said “Let the law of the land take its own legal course”. He said the “inter political blame game may rock the boat of the ongoing political business.”