SC issues interim order in Asghar Khan case

Islamabad: The Supreme Court on Thursday issued an interim order in the Asghar Khan case. The apex court on December 31 issued notices to the legal heirs of late air chief Air Marshal Asghar Khan after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) recommended the court to close the aforementioned case, citing its inability to collect evidence needed to initiate criminal proceedings. “Notices have been issued to determine whether money was given to politicians or not,” the interim order stated. “The statements of witnesses were contrary.” The order further states, “Those who were party to the case, are not aware of the receipts nor mode or time of payments. Related banks did not cooperate with FIA either and did not give the record for the past 24 years.” A relevant paragraph from the report submitted by the Joint Investigation Team was also included in the top court’s order. Hearing was adjourned for one week. In 1996, Air Marshal Asghar Khan had filed a petition in the Supreme Court, accusing manipulation of 1990 elections by an intelligence agency- doling out money to a group of politicians. After a gap of 16 years, the apex court ruled that the 1990 general elections were rigged by dishing out Rs140 million to a particular group of politicians to deprive the people of being represented by their chosen representatives. In May 2017, the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) announced to file a petition in the Supreme Court seeking implementation of the orders of the case.