Islamabad: Federal Capital Police arrested 12 outlaws from various localities of the city and recovered heroin, hashish, wine, gold ornaments from their possession  a police spokesman said. Margalla police arrested  accused Adil Maqsood  involved in  supplying dugs in educational institutions and  recovered 1.060 KGs hashish     from him. Secretariat police arrested two accused Tahir Shah and Sheraz and recovered 1.640 KGs hashish from their possession. Bani Gala police arrested accused Chand Massaih and recovered 10 liter wine from him.  Noon Police arrested two accused Nasir –Ul-Haq and Sardar Hussain and recovered 510 gram hashish from their possession. Khanna police arrested accused Muhammad Sarfraz and recovered 1.100 KGs hashish from him. Koral police arrested accused Abdul Haleem and recovered 125 gram heroin and also arrested a lady accused Afeeda bibi and recovered 1.050 KGs hashish and 300 gram heroine from their possession. Sihala police arrested accused Ilyas Massaih and recovered 10 wine bottles from him. Golra police arrested two accused Tahir and Anwar-Ullah and recovered gold Ornament from their possession. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway from them.