Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto said Tuesday that the government was targeting human rights and his party would not compromise on democratic, social, financial and human rights. “It is difficult to support extension in army courts. Opposition parties are willing to make joint committee. This committee will work on suggestion for joint future strategy.” He criticized prime minister’s latest tweet and said “PM ImranKhan does not come to Parliament so how would he know what is going on here? The Prime minister had promised to be accountable in the parliament and will give all answers to questions.” Bilawal Bhutto further added that the promise of Prime Minister proved to be a lie. “It is difficult to support extension in army courts and the government has not made any call about this bill,” he said. He announced formation of a joint committee to discuss future plans with the opposition. He declared that the government is suppressing the social and democratic rights of the people from all aspects. “We will not stay silent by compromising human  rights.”