Taliban, Afghan govt talks getting complicated: Rehman Malik

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik Thursday said that the ongoing talks between Taliban and Afghan government were getting complicated as Taliban were not agreeing to sit with Afghan Government. He said that it was strange that Taliban can sit with Americans and Chinese but why cannot they sit with their own fellow Muslim countrymen. “It shows that Taliban are not sincere in Afghan peace process and don’t want a peaceful Afghanistan,” he said. 
Senator Malik said: “I appeal to Taliban to appreciate the efforts of Pakistan towards peace in Afghanistan. Afghan Taliban need to show flexibility especially after the announcement of President Donald Trump that USA Forces are leaving Afghanistan.” He added that all Afghani factions should sit and agree that they can give peaceful Afghanistan to their coming generations.
He added: “If Taliban are sincere for peace in Afghanistan then they should agree to sit with Afghan Government and pave way for a solution acceptable to the people of Afghanistan who have been suffering endlessly and uselessly.” He said Taliban and all the factions should act wisely and put an end to this meaningless war.