Rehman Malik urges Punjab govt to punish Sahiwal incident perpetrators

Islamabad: Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik Sunday urged the Punjab government to bring the perpetrators of the Sahiwal incident to justice. Senator Rehman Malik telephoned Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar and expressed grave concerns over the incident saying the incident is highly tragic and condemnable and must be investigated thoroughly. Chief Minister Usman Buzdar assured Senator Malik of fair and thorough investigation of the incident. Senator A. Rehman Malik appreciated Punjab government for the initial actions it has taken towards investigations. Senator Malik took a very serious notice of the CTD encounter in which three members of a family were killed and minor children got injured near Sahiwal. He has directed a deep probe based on ground realities into the incident to examine the failure of administrative, legal and violation its police rules and Committee will look into its various aspects raised as result of this brutal incident. The Chairman Committee has directed the Ministry of Interior to submit a comprehensive report to the Committee based on the following questions to be answered by I.G. Police and Home Secretary Punjab: 1.      Full details and profile of the deceased members of the family.2.      Any past criminal record, FIR or anything related to any criminal activity of deceased individuals or their family?3.      Any animosity within the family or other feud in the area which could have created some issues.4.      What made the police to follow the family traveling in a small car and what was concrete evidence to consider the deceased as prime suspects? – Full evidences to be placed on record.5.      When they stopped the car on CTD Police direction, then why police opened the firing despite no resistance by the deceased, what was the reasons killing them instantly? Why the attempt was made to kill the children — should it be presumed that it was to eliminate the rite witnesses?6.      Full police version on this incident – At what level such action was ordered – was there any FIR wherein these deceased were ever summoned or interrogated. Is there any intelligence report on them if that should be placed on record?7.      Profile and the service history of all the officials of CTD involved in this incident and any of them belongs to the local area. Was there any personal animosity of the deceased /or other members of the victim family?8.      Any personal vendetta of victim family with any influential or otherwise in that area.9.      If it was a Police encounter, was it being supervised by senior police officers as per the laws? Police wireless communication record on it and first three police diaries of the police record .The P/M report .Whose name the police weapon and the bullets issued?10.  PEMRA to provide entire footage of this incident as it is broadcast on electronic TV channels.11.  It is too serious to allow the police retaliation and resistance from the other side and apparently Police SOP has not been followed and has raised a big question in public. Senator Malik said the tragic incident has happened  on the main highway when the police firing could be seen by people around and eye witness are available hence their statements are to be made as part of record of this case. He directed that a detailed comprehensive Report on the incident based on the above questions raised by the Chairman Committee should be submitted to the Committee within one week and strict action shall be taken against those found guilty.