Italy: 3 key opportunities for development must not be missed

Rome: The large international operators are vying for the fertile digital tourism market, but Italy has yet to create a significant strategy to heighten cryptos and create projects that contribute to the national tourism industry by providing more revenue and competition. The 3 key opportunities for development must not be missed.

The Italian tourism sector and other great institutions should not lose the chance to become completely aware of how digital goes and not be destroyed. This year is an important year for these targets, according to a report by Agenda Digitale.

The tourism industry is the most digital sector and is growing at a rate twice that of others, with an anticipation that is believed to be unstoppable for the next two decades.

As Coinidol recently reported, the Ministry of Economic Development in Italy (led by Minister Luigi di Maio) launched a blockchain development committee comprising 30 high-level experts.

In a view in which central institutions are managing change in an inconsistent manner, Italians can speculate on approaches that exceed long-term guidelines which are carefully weighted to be unchangeable.  

The major opportunities for growth and development of employment that the tourism industry can produce, also in terms of modern digital skills, can indeed be gripped by strong regulations altered to the transmutation in progress. 

A circumstance highly associated with nascent technologies and in which there are three outstanding opportunities for growth and development: the launch of the 5G experimentation; the rollout of the commissions of senior experts at MISE for distributed ledger technology (DLT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI); plus, the strategy of growth of digital community of Italian tourism.  

The 5G is a significant opportunity to create solutions for the utilization of the territory & cultural heritage which are entirely undiscovered and hitherto unconsidered, factors which will enable to develop fresh services and experiences that are pleasing and arousing interest for tourists.  

DLT is globally regarded as a technology which will enable new business models largely based on brokerage option to that of big operators and smart contracts that will trim down the risk of disputes and enable the whirl to be massed in a certified and guileless way.  

AI in tourism will be highly relevant both to evolving innovative solutions in the areas of translations & natural language, for instance in the user experience via chatbot; and also to construe the tastes, behaviors and preferences of travelers to provide effective proposals.  

In the previous case of Teramo, Destination Abruzzo, the outlook of defining a regional digital ecosystem that grows with resizable criteria and standards at national (internal) grade has seen substantial steps done and is the scenario that has been waited for long which could eventually happen.