British JC holds workshop on business

Karachi: A workshop for British and Pakistani companies from different industries to share best practice was held by the British Deputy High Commission Wednesday. This is part of a recently launched trade initiative – “UK and Pakistan: The smart way of doing business” – to enhance business relations. Samuel Heath, Head of Communications at the British High Commission, presented tried and tested communication strategy and tactics, including lessons learnt by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK companies. He discussed communications with participants taking a strategic approach to communications, handling crisis situations and producing powerful content. The workshop also served as a good networking opportunity for UK and local companies to interact and share experiences and insights into the steadily growing trade relationship between UK and Pakistan. A collaboration amongst British High Commission, Karachi School for Business and Leadership, Pakistan Business Council and ACCA, the communications workshop was the first in a series of lectures. Head of Communications, British High Commission, Samuel Heath, said:  “The UK is already Pakistan’s second largest export market and second largest source of foreign direct investment. The UK wants to see trade and investment increase further, seeing more UK companies doing business with Pakistan, including in Sindh. These workshops are a means of strengthening relations between UK and Pakistani companies to accomplish this goal, “We are very thankful to Karachi School for Business and Leadership, Pakistan Business Council and ACCA for partnering with us on these workshops for UK and Pakistan: ‘The Smart way of doing business’ campaign. This is a perfect example of the collaboration between UK and Pakistan and showcases the potential for enhancing trade between the two countries.”  The workshop was conducted by Samuel Heath, the Head of Communications for the UK government in Pakistan and the UK’s Senior Communicator in the South Asia region. Samuel has worked at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) since 2011 including roles as the Head of Communications for Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Chief Press Officer. He previously worked in communications and the Cabinet Office and Number 10 and in the charity sector, and as a journalist. He has an MA in journalism and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations.