India asked not to drag Pakistan into elections

Islamabad: Pakistan on Thursday warned India from dragging Pakistan into its elections. During a weekly press briefing, FO spokesperson Dr Mohammed Faisal said India must confine its electoral politics to their homeland only. Commenting on Kashmir, Dr Faisal said India keeps changing its policies regarding Kashmir. He reiterated that Pakistan had a clear stand on Kashmir which underlines that the dispute should be resolved as per the United Nations resolution. The spokesperson added that grave human rights violations in IOK were alarming and they need to be addressed by the international community. “We would like to reiterate that Kashmir is an outstanding dispute between India and Pakistan, and acknowledged as such through UN Security Council resolutions as well as numerous Pakistan-India documents including the Simla Agreement and Lahore Declaration. The Kashmir issue remains on the agenda of the UN Security Council.” Responding to a question pertaining to the Pakistani high commissioner being summoned at the Indian High Commission on Jan 30, the FO spokesperson said Pakistan rejected all the allegations. “The Indian high commissioner will also be summoned to Islamabad today.” Shedding light on the water agreement between the two countries, Dr Faisal said Pakistan had raised the issue at relevant forums but there was no progress as yet. Before concluding his talk, Dr Faisal reiterated Pakistan’s stance on the Afghan owned peace process. “We hope the conflict is solved peacefully.”