Islamabad: The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has not made any deal to get ‘relief’, said party leader Pervez Rashid. In an interview with a private television channel, the PML-N leader said that he rejects all rumours of any deal between former PM Nawaz Sharif and the government. “There has been no deal,” he said. Rashid explained that Nawaz Sharif has been shifted to a hospital because it is his rights as a prisoner. “All the prisoners have the right [to medical facilities]. There are hospitals inside the prison too. No one did him (Nawaz Sharif) any favour,” he remarked. He lashed out at Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid for suggesting that a deal has been signed. “If Sheikh Rashid is so brave then he should name the person with whom we have made a deal,” he said. PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz left for London after his name was removed from the exit control list on February 3. Rashid remarked that the law permitted that his name should be removed from the no-fly list. “Are you suggesting that we made a deal with the judiciary? You are saying this, not us.” He said that former Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif was arrested six months ago. “Why has Shehbaz Sharif been arrested? No reference has been filed against him,” Rashid said. An “in-house dogfight” is going on in PTI, he remarked. They have the right to make anyone the CM. “Usman Buzdar was made a chief minister. Now, he isn’t cooperating with them at all,” he said. “We want all parties to complete their tenure. The government will topple because of its own shortcomings,” he added. Rasheed said that efforts were made to protect former president Pervez Musharraf. “He wasn’t called to attend court hearings every day like Nawaz Sharif was.” He once again said that Pervez Musharraf thanked Raheel Sharif. “Why did he thank him? Only Raheel Sharif can tell you this,” he added.