Why the British Queen’s summer holiday delayed?

London: Every year in July, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip take a trip to Balmoral in Scotland for their

summer holidays. The royals spend their summer break there, and are often visited at the castle in Aberdeenshire by other family members including Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

But this year, things have apparently been pushed back. The Queen, being forced to change her plans? This had better be good.

The Mail Online reports that Queen Elizabeth normally heads up to Scotland towards the end of July, before her official residence Buckingham Palace opens up to tourists for the summer.

This year, the Palace opens on Saturday 20 July, but there’s a little something going on in London on Tuesday 23 July that means she will be required back in London. “The Queen will not go to Balmoral before meeting her 14th prime minister,” a royal source reveals.

On 23 July, it will be announced whether Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt will be the UK’s next Prime Minister

following an eight-week campaign. As the Queen plays an important role in the schedule of the Prime Minister – she typically meets them once a week to discuss government matters – it’s pretty vital she’s there to

greet whoever it is that’ll be moving in to Number 10.

“She does not want to travel 500 miles to the Highlands and back just for the meeting,” the inside source

continued. “She will stay at Windsor, so as not to bump into any visitors at the palace, and the new PM will be

driven there.”

Rumour has it this year’s summer break will be extra special for the Queen, because her newest great-

grandson Archie will be joining her for a short time in Balmoral. Reports suggest the monarch and the Duke of

Edinburgh have invited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle up to Scotland to coincide with the Duchess of

Sussex’s 38th birthday on 4 August.