Italy: Tuscany, a holistic gem for travellers

Rome: Tuscany, Italy is a holistic gem for travellers from all over the world. With its spectacular scenery,

towns and cities, this coastal region is one of Italy’s top tourist destinations.

Tuscany offers great wine, food, and events, including blue waters and sandy beaches. Although sometimes it

may be difficult to narrow down on what you are planning to experience while in Italy, the coastal region on the south end of the map might be the answer to your holiday endeavor. However, before you go, there are some points you need to note:

Research, research, research: Every place of across Tuscany comes with a unique experience, which is why

you need to do your research before getting here. Is it the blue waters, the historic cities, art-filled museums,

or the countryside that you want to visit? Trip savvy experts’ advice is that you point out an interest then make sure you explore it 100%.

The wonders of Maremma: With a massive stretch of 230km, Tuscany is a place that would delight almost

anyone. The Maremma is one such destination for genuine sea lovers. Different fishing ports are available

that provide intimate times for friends and families. Mount Argentario is one such place hosting spectacular

views that provide amazing backdrops to capture the rare moments of your trip.

The Northern Coast – Marina di Carrara & Forte dei Marmi to Livorno: Northern Tuscany is popular for

elegant resorts such as Lido do Camaiore and Viareggio. The area has some of the best restaurants in Tuscany. Most travelers would confess that nightlife in the North is outstanding. If drinking is not for you, different

nighttime food and entertainment are available in case your kids don’t want to go to bed early.

Free Tuscany beaches are also found in the North with Riserva Naturale di Migliarino representing part of the

unspoiled wild beaches. The parking sometimes, especially during high seasons, might cost you but the beach

is free. The bars are lesser in free areas compared to other beaches; therefore, it would be great to pack your

own food and drink.

The Etruscan Coast – Livorno to Baratti Gulf: Castiglioncello is a popular destination for travelers who have been on the Etruscan Coast. The place may not have a beach but the spectacular pine grove is a one-stop

utility for foodies and shoppers. If you wish to take a stroll or have some “alone time” walking all the way to Rosignano Solvay would be a great start.

Sliding down south, you will the long stretch of golden beaches that are perfect getaways for families, with Vada, Cecina, and San Vincenzo forming the major league of free beaches with bathing establishments

together with nautical centers for watersports. Seaside towns such as Campiglia Marittima, Bolgheri, astagneto Carducci, and Suvereto host various pubs, cafes, and clubs that are open all night long.

With plenty of options available for travelers, the Tuscany coastline and the islands of Tuscan Archipelago, Giglio, and Giannutri, are some of the favorite destinations for sea lovers. Seaside towns in Tuscany are

pleasant all year round, and in as much as resorts are popular for beaches and their summer energy, there are exclusive villas that would charm you anytime, anywhere.

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