China opposes unilateral change in Kashmir status

Islamabad: China has opposed unilateral change in the status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir by India.

Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing said Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory; and in this regard, there are

UN Security Council resolutions and bilateral agreements between Pakistan and India.

The Ambassador said the international regime and international norms about the issue should be respected.

He hoped that Pakistan and India will adopt a responsible way for the sake of peace and stability and the people of Kashmir. He said this will be good for the whole region.

To a question about China’s role on the issue at the UN Security Council, the Chinese Ambassador said China

is a permanent member of the UNSC, and we have special responsibility for peace and stability.

Earlier, addressing a seminar on “Role of Media in Promoting CPEC,” at National Broadcasting House

Islamabad, the Chinese Ambassador said Pakistan and China are standing together in upholding justice and

safeguarding the international norms and international laws.

He said peace and stability in this region is the stake for all the members of this region.

The Ambassador said Pakistan and China as well as other regional countries have a shared responsibility in

maintaining, safeguarding and promoting peace and stability.

Yao Jing said it is more and more important for the international community to respect international regimes and international norms.

He said the United Nations should have been respected. He said international laws should have been followed.

We do not want to see that some countries are doing business according to their own wills.

Speaking about China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the Chinese Ambassador said the project has entered the

second stage, focusing on industrial cooperation and social sector development. He said the current government in Pakistan has also prioritized development of the society, paying more attention on education, health, and poverty alleviation. He said twenty-seven projects are being implemented under social sector.