Kaleem Imam acting as PTI district president:PPP

Islamabad: Deputy Secretary Information Pakistan Peoples Party Palwasha Khan has said that Sindh IG Syed Kaleem Imam has exposed himself by writing a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner asking him the transfer of Superintendent and Deputy Commissioner Umarkot.

Palwasha Khan said that it seems that Syed Kaleem Imam has assumed the responsibility of PTI’s district president Umarkot. 

The government is using IG Imam as the viceroy Sindh and violating provincial autonomy, she said.
“Syed Kaleem Imam is so exposed that now he is taking notice of Khuli Kachehri of elected representative. Who has given the authority of taking notice of elected representatives’ Khuli Kachehri,” Palwasha Khan asked. This is violation of service act and action should be taken against Kaleem Imam.

Palwasha Khan said that IG Imam is still in Sindh to look after the interest of PTI. “The reservations of Sindh government expressed about him are proving correct. The law and order of Sindh does not interest IG Kaleem Imam,” she added.

Palwasha said that federal government is needlessly interfering in Sindh issues and it should stop negating mandate of the people of Sindh. 

She said the government was violating the constitution and after IG Sindh Imam’s “exposure as PTI supporter” he should be called back to federation or “IG Imam could resign and join PTI formally.”