Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi urges need to follow the Holy Prophet (pbuh)

Islamabad: The Patron-in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulema Board and Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that there is need to stick to the Daman of Muhammad (SAAW) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.) tightly so as to get rid of international colonial power demonstrating courage and bravery.

The world of mankind is today confronted with immense threats, the developing countries and Muslim States are suffering with different problems and difficulties; international satans are rife all around the basic reason of which is that we are not sincere with the rights of one another, he said in a statement.

The pressure of the international atheist forces will continue unless the rulers perform their duties in line with the Constitution and exercise justice and fair-play in delivering the rights of the people. India is busy in hatching conspiracies since 1947 while oppressed Kashmiri people are toiling are the Indian atrocities. In these circumstances the international powers are under the obligation to come forward and get the Kashmir issue resolved in the light of the United Nations Resolutions keeping to the desires of Kashmiris. If the long-standing Kashmir issue was not resolved that the international peace would shatter. There is need of practical following of Asswah of Imam Muhammad Baqar (A.S.) so as to pull out the world from different problems. These views were expressed by him while addressing a central event on the occasion of Youm-e-Wiladat Purnoor of Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqar (A.S.).

Agha Moosavi made it clear that Allah Says in Quran that: “Certainly did Allah confer [great] favor upon the believers when He sent among them a Messenger from themselves, reciting to them His verses and purifying them and teaching them the Book and wisdom, although they had been before in manifest error.”— (Surah Aal-e-Imran, Ayah 164).

The TNFJ chief said when Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqar (A.S.) came to this world and started his knowledgeable and spiritual life, at that time there was a great need of a personality like him to the world of religion and Shariat owing to a knowledgeable environment and ideological struggle who can keep the Islam intact in the face of atheist threats, evil beliefs and ideologies and wrong preaching and can stop the wrong beliefs from being imposed on the humanity; he was the only person at that time to answer these threats being the true inheritor of the Paighambar-e-Islam (SAAW) and having complete knowledge of Quran and philosophy of Ahle Bait (A.S.). He was awarded with the title of Baqar Al-Uloom for resolving the difficult Uloom and keeping the knowledge and wisdom on the highest pedestal.

Agha Moosavi said that Hazrat Imam Baqar (A.S.) used to derive Ilhaam from the Kitab-e-Illahi and had to take help from the Quranic Ayaat in his sayings and presenting the same as his arguments. He said the Imam Baqar (A.S.) used to say that whenever I state something then every one of you may question that where this thing has been stated in Quran; so that I may satisfy you by quoting the relevant portion of the Quran. He said some of the golden sayings of the Imam Baqar (A.S.) are: Three things in the human life are the best — cooperation with Muslim brethren in financial matters, keeping the principle of justice and fair-play intact in words and deeds and in decision making, and keep remembering Allah all the time. At another place he states that be patient in difficulties, do not encroach upon the rights of others and do good to others.

Meanwhile, the Almi Ashra Ajr-e-Risalat has begun throughout Pakistan Wednesday in the light of announcement made by the Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi. Mahafil-e-Milad, conferences, seminars and congratulatory events were organized to mark the Wiladat-e-Purnoor of Farzand-e-Ali and Batool, inheritor of the Rasool (SAAW) Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqar (A.S.) in this connection. Ulema Karaam, Waizeen and Khutaba paid greetings to the Khatmi Martabat (SAAW) besides highlighting the Seerat of Baqar Al-Uloom during these events.