Rehman Malik calls emergency meeting on potential threats of Coronavirus in Pakistan, precautionary measures

Islamabad: Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik on Wednesday called an emergency meeting of the committee to be held tomorrow at 10am in Parliament House to consider the precautionary measures being taken by the Government of Pakistan, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and other stakeholders to stop the potential spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan.

In a notice issued, Senator Rehman Malik has directed that a detailed report on the ‘Potential Threat of Coronavirus and Precautionary Measure’ may be presented in the committee meeting Thursday.

He has asked that what strategy FIA has adopted in coordination with other functionaries on all airports, seaports and all other entry points across the country and what medical measures so far has been taken regarding the testing of the passengers arriving Pakistan from abroad.

He has also asked about the details of the Testing Kit for Coronavirus; its availability and demonstration. It is directed that the committee may be apprised that how many kits have been imported and what is the level of accuracy in these kits. He has questioned that what is the SOS based crash plan in case the coronavirus breaks out in Pakistan and what particular medicines against Coronavirus have been stocked to treat the patients.

Senator A. Rehman Malik expressed that we should be realistic and emergency should be declared in hospitals, airports, seaports and other entry points where wearing masks should be mandatory as part of uniform for all the staff. He has directed that the administration of every hospital should formulate its ‘Counter Coronavirus Medical Action Plan’ and there should be a team in every hospital fully aware, trained and equipped to fight the coronavirus.  

He said that the Coronavirus has to be treated as a potential threat to our national security coupled with medical emergency and we have to ensure well defund for our public, vital institutions, security institutions, law enforcement agencies, police and defence forces.

He has also directed the Intelligence Bauru (IB) to brief the committee on the basis of reports on Coronavirus received from abroad adding that threat perception rising from the alarming situation. He has also directed that the provision of masks on nominal price to be manufactured locally should be made available in sufficient supply. He has asked the Ministry of Health Services if it has done mock exercise for immediate response or not.