Nation won’t pardon NAB for political victimisation: Bilawal Bhutto

Islamabad: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the nation will never pardon National Accountability Bureau (NAB) if Pakistan loses its status of GSP plus because of political victimisation by the NAB.

He said that the opportunity of GSP plus was created by the PPP government so that Pakistani goods could reach European markets. Pakistani economy is not in a situation to afford losing GSP plus status. He said that NAB chairman had been told that his role was harming country’s economy. We have been saying that NAB and economy cannot go together.

Chairman PPP said this while talking to media in the parliament House after chairing a meeting of NA Standing Committee on Human Rights.

He said that IGs, home secretaries and federal secretary interior have all been summoned to the next committee meeting with regard to the missing persons on the demand of committee members. He said that the fund for the human rights ministry is not enough and with this meagre fund entire country could not be protected.

Regarding Coronavirus, he said that Sindh government has taken every measure it could but the airports are under federal government. He said that borders were sealed but why the airports were not made safe and flights were not stopped from those infected countries. He said that we have to take precautionary measures to avoid this virus. He said no provincial government can deal alone with any epidemic.

He said that his comments about PML-N were with regard to 1990s politics and he always raises his voice for the PML-N leaders that their own people do not.

NAB is targeting opposition and very strong words against NAB have been used in European Union reports. The PPP will continue to raise voice for everyone who is a target of political victimisation, he said.