Rehman Malik slams Afghan President for anti-Pakistan statements

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik has strongly condemned and rejected Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s irresponsible and anti-Pakistan statement on CNN wherein he has alleged Pakistan is protecting the sanctuaries of Afghan Taliban in Pakistan.

He termed the Afghan President statement as highly unbecoming, unrealistic and biased. He added that while as a matter of fact Afghan own intelligence agency NDS is backing ethnicity-based interference and is involved in terrorist acts through Daesh.  

He said it is a hard fact that the Afghan Taliban are in Afghanistan and he knows that he has been restricted to Kabul by the Taliban and they have major control over large Afghan territory. He said that statement is baseless and there is no justification by Ashraf Ghani to allege Pakistan baselessly. He demanded President Ashraf Ghani to withdraw his irresponsible statement and tender apology. He added that he should have thankful to Pakistan for supporting Afghanistan in difficult moments.

Senator Malik further said that President Ashraf Ghani should not wind out his grievances on Pakistan for not having been invited to the US-Taliban talk in Doha Qatar as it seems that the isolation and sideline from the US – Taliban talk have pushed Mr. Ghani into depression and he is for-seeing his bleak future. He said that President Ashraf Ghani actually has started to play on the dictations of his master India which do not want US- Taliban talks to be successful.

He said that he would like to suggest Ghani play politics of his own country rather than playing in the hands of India against Pakistan. He said that he asses that President Ghani will be dragging Afghanistan into civil war like as he is not happy with current development regarding peace in Afghanistan.

He said, “I appeal to the International community to save Afghanistan from lively civil war as the situation will start slipping from the hands of President Ghani”.  He said that Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and they deserve peace after this long war.