Lahore: ‘We will not let sale the institutions which have blood and sweat of labour force. We will not let them privatise these institutions.”

This was said by the Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari while addressing a conference on labour rights in Lahore on Wednesday.

Chairman PPP said that “we have to adopt new technology and green technology. We have to use our labour force for green technology. Every citizen of Pakistan is feeling the brunt of economic mismanagement of this PTIF government.”

Price-hike in the last fifteen month is unprecedented. This government does not do a deal with our labour force rather they sacrifice the rights of labour at the altar of IMF. Moody, Bloomberg or any other financial institution cannot tell whether the economy is going in right direction. If one wants to know about economy then he will have to ask the labourers of Pakistan, he said.

There is a basic difference between the philosophy of PPP and other parties. PTO or PML-N think that if industrialist are given facilities and benefit then they will spend on labourers but PPP knows that the policy should be to give labourers the facilities and benefits and this way Pakistan can prosper. If we give money to labourers instead of big businesses and land lords. The money to the labour force come back to our economy whereas the money to industrialists and land lords only work to increase their bank balance. This is the basic difference of us and other political economic philosophies. The PPP introduces programmes like BISP so the money goes to the poorest of the poor. This is the reason that whenever PPP comes to power increases wages and pensions. When we provide money to the lower level then that money invigorates our economy.

During our government between 2008-13 the world was in recession, PPP had to deal with two floods and the menace of terrorism. Employment opportunities were created until 2013 but after that nothing was done. Unfortunately in the last 15 months unemployment has increased.

The PPP is starting its struggle against economic murder of people. We do not accept this PTIMF deal and want to re-negotiate the deal in favour of the people of Pakistan. The PPP and the labour force will have to struggle together and we will together make labour policy in favour of labourers. The labour policy of Sindh government is pro-labour. Agriculture women worker work harder than anyone and we have passed a law for them. The PPP takes pride in working for every labourer. As grandson of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and son of Benazir Bhutto it is my responsibility to struggle for the labour rights. I will not leave labour force for a single day like you have not left Bhuttos for a day. Chairman Bilawal demanded judicial inquiry into Ravi motors incident.