PPP only party which works for women: Bilawal Bhutto

Lahore: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that I regard every Pakistani woman, every Pakistani mother as my mother because every son wants to serve his mother.

Chairman Bilawal said this while addressing a women convention organised by women wing of PPP Punjab in Lahore on Thursday.

Benazir Bhutto’s name comes to mind whenever the rights of women are discussed in Pakistan. Our religion Islam gives rights to women. Pakistan Peoples Party role is the most prominent party with regards to women’s rights. Our 1973 constitution gives equal rights to the women of Pakistan. We want equal rights to labourers, growers and women.

It is the history of the PPP that PPP always raises voice for women rights. PPP has given rights to women. PPP is the only party which increased quota for women in every field. PPP gave Pakistan the first woman  prime minister in the Muslim world. First woman judge was appointed by the PPP. Land was given to women by PPP. Lady health workers project was introduced by PPP. Benazir Income Support Programme, the programme hailed by the world, was introduced by the PPP.

BISP has brought economic revolution for the women. The people who oppose this programme do not want to spend money on women. This is the reason they oppose this programme.

This programme was replicated in other countries of the world. PML-N and PTI wanted to end this programme because they do not want women to proper. There were other programmes like waseela-e-Taleem, Waseela-e-Sahat under BISP. Now Imran Khan has changed the name of this programme and made it Ehsaas programme.

Sindh government is organising poor rural women and providing them training. 1.5 million women are taking benefit. 0.4 million women have been given interest free loan. Agricultural women workers have been recognised as labourers in Sindh with all labour rights.

Benazir Bhutto fought against terrorism with courage. The people who say that women would not march should hear loud and clear that they will march and no one can stop them. This path was shown by Benazir Bhutto, he said.

PPP is standing shoulder to shoulder with women of this country and we demand that government should provide protection to each and every march. This is Pakistan of Fatima Jinnah, Benazir Bhutto and Pakistan of every woman of Pakistan. This is not a Pakistan for conservatives. Now PPP women wing will send puppet and selected packing. PPP is a party of prosperity for the people of Pakistan.  Women know the best about the economy of the country because they manage homes. Women will take PPP message of prosperity to every nook and corner of this country.