Islamabad: Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik has asked the Government to give up the odd attitude and gear up efforts against the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

He said that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus COVID-19 as a pandemic but we are least pushed and bothered. He said that the world has declared health emergency but sadly even the cricket matches in our country are not yet stopped. “Is the financial loss of few cricket businessmen more important than public health”, he questioned?

Senator A. Rehman Malik asked that can anybody justify this big risk of the outbreak of Coronavirus with the entry of 7500 suspects from Iran to Pakistan. He said that the government must not play with the health of people but work ways and means to stop the Coronavirus to multiply its victims.
 He advised that all schools, colleges, and universities across the country should be closed and there should also be a complete ban on all sports activities and cricket matches till March 31.
He added that Section 144 should be imposed to ban gathering of more than 10 persons and the Senate, National Assembly, and Provincial Assemblies sessions should be called off also till March 30. He said that the blame games between provinces and federation on the issue must stop as we need to counter the Coronavirus with a responsible attitude. 
He said, “I feel sorry to note immature statements both from Federal Government and Provincial governments adding that Federal and provincial governments must rise above politics and formulate National Action Plan to combat this deadly pandemic.” He expressed that it is alarming that we have 21 Coronavirus patients in Pakistan and an increase in the number of declared cases may take place.

Senator Rehman Malik said, “We are handling Coronavirus carelessly and not according to International desired declared standards.” He stressed that he cautions that all is not well and where is the National Action Plan against Coronavirus which he as Chairman Senate Committee on Interior had proposed in the emergency meeting on Coronavirus wherein Government was asked to give the outline of the plan to stop the potential spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan. He asked why it has not yet been implemented by Federal and Provincial Governments adding that the state has to wake up to save its people.

He asked how can the parents of the school children make out the difference between normal flue and Coronavirus and asking parents in Karachi to stop children with Coronavirus to go to school is not understandable and the authority should be sacked for issuing such directions.