Pakistani student gives birth to baby girl in Wuhan, China

Beijing: A Pakistani doctoral student studying at Wuhan University has given birth to a healthy baby girl in Wuhan, the coronavirus-hit city in the Hubei province of China.

Bushra Bibi, studying for a Ph.D. in Law at Wuhan University gave birth to a baby girl four days ago at the Maternal and China health Hospital of Hubei Province, Jawad, father of the newborn baby girl told the Economic Daily-China Economic Network.

He said due to the expected delivery in March this year, they have booked a return flight ticket, but they are stranded in Wuhan due to a new coronavirus outbreak.

Jawad said that after contacting the local government and informing the family, the government provided transportation and interpreters for the family immediately after verification. Since then, they have often gone to hospitals, and the government has provided various guarantees for their lives.

In addition, after the local government informed the community of their situation, the community immediately responded positively, so whenever they went to the hospital, the local community provided transportation and other necessary facilities, he added.

“We are still in the hospital, there is no problem here. I don’t feel abroad because the local government, community and hospital medical staff makes us feel like we are at home,” said Jawad.

The father stated that he had two children, and in this particular case, the birth of the baby girl brought joy to the family.

The International Student Office of Wuhan University keeps in touch with them and provides all possible assistance, and now there is a Muslim restaurant that offers three free meals a day. Officials from the Pakistani embassy also visited and contacted them regularly.

“The Chinese government takes great care of us and I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the help and assistance the Chinese government has given,” said Jawad.

After examination, the coronavirus test of the newborn baby girl was negative. The mother and daughter are now in stable condition.

Jawad highly appreciated the unremitting efforts of the Chinese government and people to prevent and control the new coronavirus and said that China will soon curb the epidemic.

He expressed his deep impression on the strong and positive measures China has taken for the safety of its people and the entire international community.