Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping has said the special friendship between Pakistan and China was choice of the history as it had deep roots in the hearts of people of two countries.

“We want to see a united and strong Pakistan with stability and prosperity,” he said during a meeting with President Dr Arif Alvi here at the Great Hall of People.

He said no matter how the international landscape might change, China would always stand firmly by Pakistan.

“China will stay committed to our ironclad friendship and will expand our strategic cooperation,” he added.

President Xi said China would continue to support Pakistan in safeguarding national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and in embarking on a development path that suited its national conditions. China backed Pakistan in stepping up its constructive role in regional and international affairs, he added.

“I pay a lot of attention to the growth of China-Pakistan relations and is prepared to work with Pakistani leadership to make our relationship a shining example for building of a community with shared future for mankind,” he said.

“This will deliver greater benefits to our people and contribute to peace and prosperity in the region and beyond.”

Terming the visit of President Alvi very important, President Xi said the Chinese people were striving for the final victory against the coronavirus.

He praised President Alvi for sending a message of sympathy and support to him shortly after the outbreak, saying his presence in China was “expression of a firm support to us and this speaks volumes of profound friendship towards the Chinese people and emphasis he put on our bilateral ties”.

He said when China was fighting against the outbreak, the Pakistani government and people across the society did their level best to make donations to China to which he expressed heartfelt thanks.

“All of this proves once again that China and Pakistan are true friends through thick and thin and good brothers sharing weal and woe.”

President Arif Alvi said he was visiting China to show solidarity with the people and the leadership of China for successfully fighting the Covid-19 outbreak.

He said China had shown to the world its ability to handle the challenge and had set an example for other countries, which were now facing the coronavirus outbreak.

President Alvi said the friendship between Pakistan and China had long history as both countries were all weather friends and iron brothers.

“Pakistan stands shoulder to shoulder with China during this challenging time,” he said, adding the people of both countries had renewed their friendship and solidarity.

President Alvi appreciated his Chinese counterpart for showing support for a stable Pakistan with secured borders. He also reiterated that Pakistan support one China policy.

Terming Pak-China friendship a unique example, he said both the countries talked about morality, justice and a fair international order. Pakistan and China had similarity of views on all regional and international issues, he added.

“This friendship will become more stronger with passage of time,” he said.

Later, President Arif Alvi and President Xi witnessed the signing ceremony of cooperation documents between China and Pakistan.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on establishing joint technology and agriculture working groups in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Joint Cooperation Committee.

Both the sides signed handing over certificate of donated vaccine refrigeration equipment, donated emergency humanitarian materials for epidemic response and donated emergency materials of epidemic control between the two governments.

Another MoU was signed on strengthening of cooperation on pest and disease control between the Ministry of Agriculture, China and Ministry of Food Security and Research of Pakistan.

There was exchange of notes regarding cash donation for epidemic prevention hospital between China and Pakistan.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Naghmana Hashmi and senior Pakistani and Chinese officials were also present.