Bilawal Bhutto rejects Presidential Ordinance on Sindh islands

Karachi: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that his party opposes the establishment of Pakistan Islands Development Authority and the federation’s illegal claim on islands off the coast of Sindh.

The PPP chairman said that the presidential ordinance regarding the islands development authority is unacceptable, and such a move is not dissimilar to Narendra Modi’s annexation of occupied Kashmir.

On the other hand, PPP has decided to enact alternative legislation from the Sindh Assembly to counter the federal government’s presidential ordinance. Provincial Information Minister Nasir Shah said that these islands belong to the government of Sindh and they cannot be occupied by any ordinance. He said the islands belong to Sindh and the people of Sindh, especially local fishermen and other communities, have the first claim on them.

He demanded immediate withdrawal of the ordinance, calling it tantamount to deprivation of provincial autonomy and rights of the local people.