Senator Rehman Malik urges UN to introduce international laws to protect Earth

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister and PPP senior leader Senator A. Rehman Malik has urged United Nations to bring international laws to protect the mother earth from further degradation.

He was delivering an address as chief guest at a Webinar on “Restore Our Earth” on the occasion of Earth Day organized by Youth Council Pakistan which was attended by a large number of young environmental activists, diplomats, scientists and participants from across the globe.

At outset, Senator A. Rehman Malik said that Allah Almighty has made mankind superior in all creation and the significance of the earth lies in the fact that Allah placed His superior creatures on the earth, and for him, every kind of food and water come from the earth. He said that mankind has the responsibility to ensure safe custody of the environment but we failed to do so. He said that for him it is not earth day but it is our mother’s day.

He said that Earth Day is a reminder of our responsibility to undertake concerted efforts to protect the earth from further deterioration as caused by the merciless manipulation of the ecosystem and misbalancing forces of nature. He said that the theme of earth day for this year is “Restore Our Earth” which highlights the adverse impacts we have caused to our earth and we need to restore it to its original shape. He said that the effects of global warming are already bringing harm to human beings, plants, and animals adding further temperature rise will have devastating impacts.  He said that in the long run of Industrialization, we have forgotten to protect our mother nature. He questioned if there can be international laws against criminal activities like money laundering, etc. why there can’t be stringent laws for protecting the environment. He said that United Nations should bring necessary legislation to protect the earth.

Former Interior Minister said that each year, more than one billion people from the globe participate in Earth Day-related activities but the question arises as to what practically we are doing to protect the planet from further degradation. He expressed that mother Earth has paid a very high price for our greed for greater prosperity and socio-economic development.

Senator A. Rehman Malik urged that we all need to join hands to meet the challenges arising out of climatic variations and protect the environment from further degradation. He said that the Government of Pakistan should devise policies and plans, among others, for disaster management, environmental protection, protection of forests and wildlife, to tackle the rising challenge of environmental degradation.

He expressed hope “I am confident that healthy activities on earth day like organizing this conference will enhance awareness about environmental degradation and sensitize everyone to take practical steps for achieving ecological balance.”

He emphasized that on Earth Day, let us reaffirm our pledge towards creating a better planet for our future generations and let us show our resolve to work together to ‘Restore our Earth’. He said that we need to increase green cover and protecting biodiversity in the country so let every citizen of Pakistan plant at least one tree yearly.

Senator Rehman Malik said few simple things every citizen can do to help in the protection of our mother earth. He said those include educating the people about their responsibilities, conserve the water, clean up the surrounding, use long-lasting light bulbs, plant maximum trees, don’t send chemicals into our waterways, choose non-toxic chemicals in the home and offices, and bike more while driving less.

He highly appreciated Muhammad Shehzad Khan, Maria Jadoon, Assad Khan, Arsalan Khan, Muntaha Talat, and Suleman of Pakistan Youth Council for organizing an impressive event on such important topic “Restore Our Earth”. He said that he is with Youth Council Pakistan and will support in every aspect.