Pakistan has sought China’s support to boost agriculture: PM Imran Khan

Gwadar Pro

Multan: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government had sought support from Iron Brother China to boost the country’s agriculture.

Speaking at a Kisan (farmer) card distribution ceremony here, the PM said the agriculture sector was being linked with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project for development.

“Farmers are the backbone of the country. Pakistan is heading towards modern agriculture and the use of new technology will help curb corruption in the sector. We have sought support from China in the field of agriculture,” he said.

He stated that the government was taking help from the private sector to facilitate the farming community and carry out experiments to boost agriculture. The premier highlighted that the government will provide relief to farmers in case the crops are destroyed.

The PM said the progress of farmers will ultimately uplift the country. The premier said the farmers of wheat earned Rs 500 billion for their crops and the rate of the wheat crop increased by Rs 500 during the so far tenure of the incumbent government.

PM Khan said that his government was working on providing loans to the farmers through Kisan Cards to help them in compensating their losses.

Imran Khan said that the government’s historic initiative of Kisan Card will transform the agriculture sector in Pakistan, adding that, ‘thorough this card, the farmers will get subsidized fertilizers, seeds and pesticides besides loans and compensation for damaged crops in case of any natural calamity.’

Imran Khan said that the Kisan Card scheme will bring about a revolution in the country by making the life of farmers easy through use of technology, enhancing agricultural production and saving foreign exchange.

The premier said the government had been working on various programmes for agricultural development in the country.

“A 300 billion transformation plan has already been announced for the purpose,” said the Prime Minister, adding two major dams and other small dams were also being constructed to ensure better water supply for crops.

PM Khan said the seed research institutions were being revamped, and efforts are underway for local production of pulses, edible oil and soybean.

Moreover, he said that farmers will be trained to increase the agricultural production. “Rs 40 billion have been allocated to increase production of milk in the country,” he said.