NTC’s great achievements under Viqar Rashid Khan

Islamabad; National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) MD Brig (R) Viqar Rashid Khan has led the NTC into a profitable organization without any financial assistance from the Federal Government, just due to his sheer dedication and hard work.

During his tenure, NTC which is a public sector organization generated a record growth, doubled its revenue, established a National Data Center (NDC) in a record time of 5 months without any financial support from the government. Due to his unrelenting efforts NTC earned a record profit of Rs.540 Million during last FY 2019-20. Even during COVID Pandemic he led his team from the front and provided digital platform to the government to run government business/affairs conduct important cabinet, ECC and NCOC meetings in a safe and secure environment. NTC Data Center acted as the main platform for hosting all the system/web/mobile applications developed for data acquisition and data analysis that assisted the Federal government and NCOC for taking appropriate corrective measures.  It is pertinent to mention that Brig (R) Viqar Rashid Khan, MD NTC took over his charge at a time when NTC was going into financial loss like many other Public Sector Organizations, the technical growth was stagnant, Management and severe discipline problems were on the rise due to lack of capacity building and grooming of the staff but in short span of time he completely changed the outlook of NTC, may it be operational, technical, administrative or financial field.

Sharing his achievements, outgoing MD NTC Brig ®️ Viqar Rashid Khan said that no funds are provided to NTC by the Federal Government and NTC generates its own funds through the provision of Telecom/ ICT Services to its subscribers in the Public Sector,” but, over the past few years due to fast development of infrastructure, NTC has recovered from its financial loss and set a record in the Public Sector.

About the deployment of modern digital exchanges and transmission system, Brig ®️ Viqar Rashid Khan said that NTC has deployed state of the art IP Based Next Generation Network (NGN) exchanges and Transmission system throughout the country to meet the growing Telecom/ICT requirements of government departments/ Public Sector entities including autonomous bodies/ organizations.

Under Brig ®️ Viqar Rashid Khan, NTC made a record performance with exchange growth @ 240%, subscriber growth @16%, broadband subscriber growth @115% and expansion of exchanges to New Districts/ Cities @ 50%, replacement of  82% of the old legacy exchanges with state of the art IP based NGN exchanges, record completion of ADP projects with 100% completion in FY 2019-20, signed Public Partnership with world leading IT companies such as Microsoft, VMware, DELL, Schlumberger ertc. Establish country code Top level domain (ccTLD) ( پاكستان.) dot Pakistan for Urdu and local languages without the financial assistance from the federal government, established a state of the art cloud based Tier III ISO 27001 certified National Data Centre (NDC), establish DRC for NDC from the profit earned from NDC and set a unique example in Public Sector. NTC almost doubled its Revenue from Rs 2.4 Billion to Rs. 4.2 Billion during the tenure of Brig(R)Viqar Rashid Khan which is a record performance in the Public Sector Organizations.

He further said NTC has deployed state of the art Video Conferencing Cloud based system for providing safe and secure Video Conferencing facilities to PM Office, for conduct of Cabinet Division, ECC, CDWP and NCOC meetings. He further said that even Standby arrangements were made to ensure uninterrupted communications / ICT Services to the Federal Government round the clock.

He also commented that NTC has provided the Helpline services to various Government departments for the facilitation of General public. The helpline services include Sehat Tahaffuz, Red Crescent, military and civil hospitals and Law Enforcement agencies, etc. NTC NDC is also hosting PM Delivery Unit (PMDU), Pakistan Citizen’s Portal, Kamyab Jawan, Ehsaas Portal and Ehsaas Roashan Portal, NCOC Resource Management System (RMS) and various COVID relation Websites and Mobile Applications.

As a result of these record growth, now NTC is recognized as an efficient, disciplined and profitable organization in the Public and Private Telecom Sector. This glorious era of marvelous achievements of NTC is a direct reflection of strong leadership, dedication and managerial skills of Managing Director NTC, Brig ®️ Viqar Rashid Khan. MD NTC has proved that if there is a will then loss making entity can be converted into efficient and profitable organization without extra burden on national exchequer.