Pak envoy in in Sweden highlights CPEC

Islamabad Pakistan’s Ambassador to Sweden and Finland Dr Zahoor Ahmed highlighted China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) at a virtual show hosted by the Embassy of Sweden in Stockholm, said a new release issued here.

The envoy said CPEC provided ample opportunities of investment and trade aiming at economic and infrastructure uplift of not only Pakistan but also of the countries of the region, Middle East and Africa as well.

The embassy of Sweden in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Pakistani embassies in Norway and Denmark and Pakistan Promotion Network had organized the virtual show, said the news release said.

The new economic route, said the ambassador, would prove the most feasible and viable route for access to Middle East and the African countries and thus offers huge potential for the international investors and businessmen of the world, particularly the Scandinavian countries.

About the virtual show, the Pakistani ambassador in Sweden said it would serve to raise awareness among the business and trade community of the world about investment opportunities in Pakistan.

The webinar was participated by more than 100 representatives of the Nordic companies, business houses of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, Embassy of China in Sweden, Pakistan’s embassy in Norway and Pakistan’s Board of Investment (BoI).

They recognized the importance of the CPEC and highlighted what role could new trade routes and markets play in strengthening economies of the world.

Pakistan keenly looks forward to the Nordic companies to take advantage of the growing business opportunities generated in the wake of the CPEC and all Pakistan’s trade and investment departments, BoI, and foreign missions are there to guide and assist you in this regard, assured Dr Zahoor Ahmed.