China’ Zhongtong to provide 100 units 18-meter new energy buses for Green Line and Orange Line BRT in Karachi

China Economic Net

Karachi: Federal Minister of Planning and Development Asad Umar has said Zhongtong, one of the earliest listed bus manufacturers in China, will provide 100 units 18-meter new energy buses for Green Line and Orange Line Bust Rapid Transport (BRT) in Karachi.

The minister made this announcement in a tweet about the completion of a prototype bus for Karachi’s Green Line Metrobus project.

As the first batch of new energy powered city buses in the city, they will serve on the Green-color and Orange-color BRT routes after their arrival, providing greener, more intelligent and more comfortable transportation services for local residents.

As the largest city in Pakistan, Karachi is also the economic hub in the country. With its strategic location and fast growing economy, the port city has been confronted with increasingly severe traffic congestions.

It is currently being tested by the Chinese authorities for any mechanical and safety issues. Once the phase of the inspection is completed, a total of 80 buses will be shipped to Karachi and added to Green Line’s fleet. The mass transit project is expected to become operational in this year.

Green Line Bus Rapid Transit is a federal government project. It is the largest of all the other proposed metro bus routes in Karachi.

It is expected that after completion, it will facilitate over 300,000 passengers on a daily basis.

Construction on the project started in January 2016 by the Karachi Infrastructural Development Company (KIDC) and, nearly three years later, it is still underway.

Starting from Merewether Tower in the central part of the city, all the way up to Surjani Town in northern Karachi, the total length of Green Line BRT is 26 km.

According to the proposed map, it will be connected with the other proposed routes of the Trans Karachi Breeze project at different points.

So far, Zhongtong’s new energy public transportation solutions have been greatly welcomed in South Korea, Argentina, Germany, Chile, Paraguay and Hungary.

In addition, over 70,000 units Zhongtong new energy buses and coaches have been working smoothly across the globe, making a huge impact on the global drive on emission reductions.