Rehman Malik urges UN to probe if covid-19 is a man-made or a naturally grown virus

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister and Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms  (IRR) Senator A. Rehman Malik has said that US Dr. Anthony Fauci has endorsed the first part of his demand to the Secretary General United Nation to form a high-powered commission to probe if Covid-19 is a man-made or a naturally grown virus.

He said that in the second part, he had demanded to locate the origin and zero patient of COVID-19. Dr Anthony Fauci has said that he’s ‘not convinced’ Covid developed naturally and called for a full investigation. He said that earlier, the Nobel Laureate and Distinguished Professor Tasuku Honjo of the Kyoto University Institute of Advanced Study has stated that all indicators of the COVID-19 suggest that it is a man-made virus.

Senator Rehman Malik said that debate is now in advanced stages as the World Health Organisation (WHO) is already evaluating coronavirus. He said that opinion is divided on the issu but he hoped that experts will come up with facts or someone may own it under the pressure of their conscience. The world is inching towards reality by every passing day with new exposures on this issue, he added.

He said that Coronavirus continues to spread around the world with panic with many unsubstantiated claims, conspiracy theories, and misinformation about the disease adding that many claim that the virus didn’t come from nature; but had instead been created in a laboratory as a bioweapon, but similarly, on the other hand, many are claiming it natural. He once again has urged that UN needs to examine if it is any sponsored terrorist group that is managing the chain of bio-terrorism ensuring the suspicion and gulf or is it a fight within the world powers or the virus was created to sell vaccines. He said that all that has happened because of coronavirus cannot be just overlooked and he was sure that some senior virologists will back him in supporting his demand for a pragmatic and transparent investigation from an independent panel of investigators.

Senator Rehman Malik who is the author of “Coronavirus; Threat to National Security” said that that was the reason he wrote a letter to the Secretary-General United Nations to constitute a high-powered commission consisting of scientists from across the world to thoroughly investigate the origin, nature, structure, and spread of ‘Covid-19’. 

He said “I still insist that it is manmade but the blame cannot be levelled against any country unless a transparent investigation is conducted and Dr Fauci needs to wait for the evaluation report by the panel on Covid-19 headed by the former prime minister of New Zealand Ms. Helen Clark and the sub-panel looking into Patient Zero.” He said that investigators need to examine and first point out as to how many known and unknown virology labs and have the countries report their locations to the authorities monitoring the implementation of the UN Biological Weapons Convention, 1975.