Italy: Volunteers help beautify Italian school

Italy: Volunteers help beautify Italian school

Vicenza: Volunteers from the Vicenza military community recently participated in a local kindergarten beautification project, helping paint a Quinto Vicentino preschool.

Volunteers from Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers planned the event for a couple of weeks. Their initial painting date was postponed due to weather, said Sgt. Jesse Padilla, BOSS president.

“We didn’t let that hinder our work and progress towards a better community,” Padilla said. “The representatives of the school were shook at first because they didn’t think so many volunteers would show up. They were expecting between five or six, while 21 showed up.”

Andrea Miazzolo, Quinto Vicentino councilman, was among those surprised by turnout.

“It was a pleasure to be able to collaborate together today, with the presence of American volunteers and some children’s parents,” said Miazzolo. “Besides the work accomplished together, I really appreciated the human aspect, the positive example they give to the community.”

BOSS often organizes recreation and leisure activities and supports quality of life needs of single Soldiers. Helping the school and a local Italian community where many Americans live is an example of how BOSS instills a sense of community service.

“We love helping Italians, Soldiers, the military community, in any way that we can,” Padilla said. “Volunteering helps build camaraderie and increases stronger colleague relationships, and it’s a great way to give back selflessly.”

It was the first BOSS volunteer project for Sgt. First Class Roger Martin, a noncommissioned officer from U.S. Army Dental Health Activity.

“I want to give back to this community,” Martin said. “I greatly enjoyed participating in the school painting event working alongside other Soldiers to help enhance our Italian communities.”