Rehman Malik urges the world powers to play their role to bring peace in Afghanistan

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister and Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR) Senator A. Rehman Malik has urged US President Joe Biden and world powers to play their role in bringing peace in Afghanistan to win the hearts and minds of Afghans in particular and the world in general.

He suggested that US President devise a pragmatic exit strategy to stop further bloodshed in Afghanistan where the USA forces have already started vacating Bagram Air Base being handed over to Afghan forces.

In an open letter to US President Joe Biden, he said that if the world powers do not converge on one point of bringing peace to Afghanistan, then he sees Taliban marching towards Kabul and every passing day will become dangerous for the anti-Taliban and non-Taliban government and the Afghan society. He urges him to convert the tragedy of Afghanistan into happiness and enable the Afghan future generation to live their lives their way and not under the fears of roaring guns. He said that Kabul is likely to be vacated by diplomats and other foreigners out of fear which is very alarming and peace could be restored only by urgent initiatives of world powers particularly the USA. He apprehends that without a pragmatic exit strategy, mass migrations of Afghan refugees to the neighboring countries could start in fear and we will witness another brand of the ‘Zaliman; creating trouble on a large level in the world.

Rehman Malik said that it is unfortunate that world powers including the US are having divergent views on agreeing to a one-point agenda which is nothing but “peace”, with no other option except peace.

He suggested that Pakistan must move with other friendly countries and bring a resolution for the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan apart from an Islamic Force—if it exists or will ever come into being. He added that let the Taliban and the present Afghan government be forced to sit at the table to work out a peaceful transition and formation of the government as per the wish of the people of Afghanistan. “I propose that let the Pentagon under President Joe Biden take the initiative to take solid steps for peace in Afghanistan and let us set objectives to determine the unrest and killing of innocent people as enemies of humanity and avoid another round of killings in Afghanistan by engaging China, Russia, the UK, the UAE, Pakistan, and Iran for the sake of the tired Afghans from this useless war of 30 years” he stated.

He expressed that US President Joe Biden with the right strategy has the ability to bring real peace to Afghanistan and Pakistan COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa is fully determined to bring peace to Afghanistan and his tireless positive efforts are on record.

Senator Rehman Malik urged US President that it is time for him to convince the fellow world powers on one-point agenda of peace.