Italy: Rome’s Etruscan Museum opens its gardens for cocktails and jazz this summer

Rome: Villa Giulia, the home of Italy’s National Etruscan Museum, opens its gardens to the public for the first time this summer, every evening until 30 September.

Each evening the Villa Giulia Temporary Garden will combine culture with entertainment, offering guests cocktails and street food “served in bistrot style” to the backdrop of live music and exhibitions.

The exclusive location in the Valle Giulia area will be enlivened with jazz music, homages to Ennio Morricone and dj sets.

The gardens are located behind the Nymphaeum, off Viale delle Belle Arti, with an entrance at Piazza Thorvaldsen.

Behind the project is the Etruscan museum’s director Valentino Nizzo, who has overseen the restoration of the gardens since taking up his post in 2017.

Nizzo says the restoration project is nearing completion, with the ‘Temporary Garden’ offering the public an “extraordinary preview” this summer.