Zardari pays glowing tributes to the martyrs of APS

Islamabad: Former President of Pakistan and President Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians, Asif Ali Zardari has paid rich tributes to the martyrs of Army Public School Peshawar.

Asif Ali Zardari in a message on the day of APS tragedy falling on 16 December said that as long as the killers, the planners and their facilitators are not brought to justice, the state and the nation will remain indebted to the martyrs. Asif Ali Zardari said that the hearts of not only the families of the martyrs but of every conscientious human being are still bleeding.

Former President said that the National Action Plan was a pledge to wipe out the terrorists from the country. Unfortunately, the promise made to the nation has not been fulfilled which has resulted in terrorists killing our soldiers even today. He said that the state does not have the right or authority to pardon the killers of innocent children. He said that negotiations with the terrorists and killers who are challenging the state amounts to weakening the writ of the state.

Asif Ali Zardari paid glowing tributes to the valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives fighting these terrorists who have killed thousands of innocent men women and children. These soldiers paid supreme sacrifice against the enemies of our motherland. He saluted those brave sons of the nation.

Asif Zardari said that these terrorists will never be forgiven. He promised the families of the martyrs that if given the opportunity, the ruthless terrorists will be brought to justice and given exemplary punishment. He said that the homeland will be cleansed of enemies and terrorists like the PPP had done in Swat during its government.