Islamabad: A Russian language book containing translation of Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s poetry was launched at the Eastern Culture Centre of the Institute of Oriental Studies under the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The book was published at Khudozhestevnnaya Literatura house by the Embassy of Pakistan in Moscow in collaboration with the Institute of Oriental Studies.

The publication of the book coincided with the diamond jubilee of Pakistan’s Independence.

The book was unique because it comprised all the translations of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poems which had ever been published in the Russian language. Dr. Luydmila Vaseliyeva, one of the world-renewed specialists on Urdu poetry, compiled the volume.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador of Pakistan to Russia Shafqat Ali Khan said that Faiz’s poetry made a significant contribution to the emergence of mutual understanding between the peoples of Pakistan and Russia, and that his work found a special place in the hearts of Russian readers.

He further said that the motivation for publishing this new volume was to highlight the literary connection between Pakistan and Russia.

The book launching ceremony was attended by Pakistani diplomats, Russian scholars, journalists and friends of Pakistan.

Academician Vitaly Naumkin, Scientific Director and President of the Institute of Oriental Studies recalled his own meetings with Faiz, including within the framework of the Association of the Writes of Asia and Africa, where Faiz played an important role.

He further noted that this book was step towards bringing Pakistan and Russia closer.

Director of the Institute, Dr. Alikber Alikberov, noting that Urdu poetry had many layers of meaning, recited a Faiz’s poem devoted to Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin.

Dr. Lyudmila Vasilyeva said the launching ceremony was important from different aspects ie; as a literary event, oriental studies and the international relations.

She said the book was unique, as it comprised different translations of the same poems, enabling the reader to deeply understand the depth of Urdu poetry.