25 years and billions of dollars needed to clear mined area: Azerbaijan

Baku: Azerbaijan has said that during 30 years of illegally occupation of Armenian forces in Karabakh territory at least one million mines were indiscriminately laid down by Armenian force.

The senior advisor to president envoy on Karabakh region Azar imanov told visiting journalist covering United Nation while visiting karabakh region.

He said that according to UN IED expert it will take at least 25 years and billion of dollars to clear the mined area.

After wining the war Azerbaijan started operation clean started and thousands of acre of land in Karabakh region is cleared from these mines.

At least 256 Civilian and armed personnel were killed in the process till date.

Arminian’s Govt refusal to hand over the maps of mined area is also a huge hurdle and making it a daunting task to clean the area from land mines in order to start resettling IDPs .

Azar imanov also told visiting journalists that at least four thousand of Azerbaijanian civilian and armed forces are missing since war in the break away region of Karabakh. Many mass graves have been discovered and hundreds of bodies have being identified.

Azerbaijanian Government is preparing war crime cases against Arminia in the international criminal court (ICC) he added.

On the special instruction of president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev special economic zones and industrial zones are under construction and by 2023 will be operational.

In the city of Fazuli an international airport is built and operational in record 8 months time and another airport will be operational in Zangilqn district.

Azerbaijan is proud and resilient nation and want peace with its neighbors and rest of the world.