Chinese Embassy hosts 9th meeting of JWG on safety and security of CPEC

Islamabad: The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has hosted the 9th meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWG) on Safety and Security of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The meeting was co-chaired by Special Secretary Ministry of Interior Saif Anjum and Director General, Ministry of Public Security, China. The Ambassador of China to Pakistan, Nong Rong was also present in the meeting.

During the meeting, it was reiterated that ensuring safety and security of CPEC projects in Pakistan is of immense significance in furthering the bilateral relations.

The measures taken by the Government of Pakistan towards ensuring the safety and security of Chinese projects and personnel in Pakistan and the efforts made towards unearthing the perpetrators and facilitators of terrorist incidents targeting Chinese nationals, were acknowledged and appreciated.

In order to further enhance the prospects of bilateral relations, in-principal agreement had been made on various joint measures including furthering cooperation in law enforcement domain and capacity building of the law enforcement agencies.

The proposal of establishing a separate JWG for security of non-corridor projects was also discussed. Both sides agreed to the need of countering the agendas of the hostile elements in ensuring safety and security of Chinese personnel and projects in Pakistan through mutual efforts.