Relocation of Chinese manufacturing units will be helpful for Pakistan: PCJCCI Chief

Lahore: Relocation of Chinese manufacturing units to Pakistan will be helpful for Pakistan, President Pakistan-China Joint Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) Wang Zihai said.

He maintained that China’s decision to relocate part of its manufacturing sector to cost-effective locations should help Pakistan if the country could chalk out a strategy and train its labour according to the industry’s needs.

Chairing a think-tank session held here at PCJCCI premises, he added that China was witnessing an economic transformation, following Europe’s model of relocating parts of its manufacturing sector to economically viable places that offer skilled labour at cheap rates.

On this occasion, PCJCCI Senior Vice President Ehsan Choudhry said that technical training should be provided to labourers so that they could take advantage of China’s move.

He opined that Pakistan could make its unemployed manpower effective in the current scenario by providing technical and factual training in industry-related work ambit.

He was confident that Pakistan could attract the Chinese manufacturing sector by developing a trained workforce for industries.