PM calls out Imran Khan for maligning state institutions, using religion for politics

Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday called out the politics of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan, saying his blatant lies were all about maligning army without proof, running a media campaign against martyred troops and using religion for political gains.

“I have no doubt that your [Imran Khan’s] politics is defined by blatant lies, untruths, U-turns, and vicious attacks on institutions,” he said in a detailed tweet where he put counter-questions to Imran Khan against his earlier tweet.

PM Sharif said Imran Khan while on a trial for corruption was claiming legitimacy to overturn the legal and political system.

“Bending the judiciary to your whims and behaving as if rules don’t apply to you,” he said.

He pointed out that maligning Pakistan Army as an institution was a recurring pattern in Khan’s politics after his ouster from power.

“Did you not resort to constant mud-slinging of the leadership of the army & intelligence agency much before the Wazirabad attack?,” he questioned.

The prime minister said the PTI chief refused the offer of cooperation from the federal government and boycotted the legal proceedings.

He said Imran Khan was never interested in finding the truth about the attack but used the condemnable incident for petty political objectives.

“What legal route did you adopt other than hurling threats & making baseless allegations almost on a daily basis?,” he said.

Sharif questioned at whose behest the savaging social media campaign against the martyrs of the armed forces launched after the helicopter crash.

“Which party did the troll brigade belong to that mocked the martyrs, which was a new low and unimaginable in our politics and culture? With these subversive and treacherous acts on your part, do we need an enemy?,” he said.

He said, “Who used religion for political purposes by describing the political agitation in religious terms, a cunning and self-serving attempt at exposing political opponents to violence at the hands of your supporters.”

He recalled that Khan’s party leaders condoned, justified, and even celebrated the incident of harassment and intimidation of an official delegation including a female minister in the courtyard of Prophet’s Mosque (Peace be upon Him) by disregarding all norms of reverence and devoutness.

“As for your assertion of Pakistan becoming a ‘jungle’, I advise you not to go there, for the facts are often bitter and disastrous. Let us keep this for another day,” he said.