IICR launches ‘Journey of Connectivity: 10th Anniversary on CPEC’ book

Islamabad: The Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR), in collaboration with the China Study Center at COMSATS University, unveiled IICR’s latest literary endeavor, “Journey of Connectivity: 10th Anniversary on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Its Moving Stories” here.

This momentous book launch event was attended by a diverse gathering of professionals, diplomats, and experts who share a keen interest in the profound impact of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the landscape of Pakistan, a news release said.

The book, meticulously crafted through a collaborative effort, embarks on a remarkable journey to chronicle the transformative story of CPEC over the past decade.

As Pakistan and its global partners celebrate the 10th anniversary of this monumental initiative, “Journey of Connectivity” embarks on a literary expedition that delves into the untold stories, triumphant achievements, and poignant personal narratives that have unfolded as a consequence of this monumental partnership between China and Pakistan.

At its core, the book aspires to offer readers an encompassing account of the remarkable milestones achieved by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Through a collection of diverse perspectives, ranging from individuals to communities and businesses intricately woven into the fabric of this transformative project, the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution aims to furnish its readers with a profound and nuanced comprehension of the multifaceted impacts of CPEC on an array of sectors.

These sectors encompass not only the tangible dimensions like infrastructure development, energy, agriculture, and education but also extend to the intangible realms of cultural exchanges, tourism, and socio-economic growth.

The book launch event served as a gathering ground for luminaries from various walks of life, who were drawn by the shared intrigue in the interwoven tales of CPEC’s impact. Professionals, diplomats, and experts converged to engage in stimulating discussions and thoughtful exchanges, enriching the discourse surrounding CPEC and its enduring implications for Pakistan and its allies.

“Journey of Connectivity: 10th Anniversary on CPEC and Its Moving Stories” stands as a testament to the longstanding collaboration between the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution and the China Study Center at COMSATS University.

This literary milestone not only encapsulates the intellectual rigor of both institutions but also exemplifies their commitment to fostering a comprehensive understanding of the transformative power of international partnerships.