Meghan Markle only hurdle between Prince Harry, Royal family

London: Meghan Markle does not want her husband Prince Harry to reconcile with the Royal family even though he is yearning to go back to his home.

In a conversation with Sunday Times, an insider revealed that Harry, the Duke of Sussex, wants the freedom to frequently visit his country, the UK.

However, the only hurdle between him and his desire to go back to his home country is his American wife, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

As per the publication, Harry wants to visit the UK so that he could do charity work there but Meghan does share the same vision as her husband.

“Not having anywhere isn’t overly helpful,” the insider said. “There are friends and hotels, but I know they would like to have somewhere.”

“Meghan seems to have decided that coming back more is not what she wants to do, but Harry would like to. Having a base in his home country, despite everything that has happened, is appealing.”

“There is work to be done here in terms of the charities, and there would be opportunities in the future where he’ll want to be here a bit more,” the insider added.

While the source did not say anything about his views on reconciling with King Charles, Prince William or the rest of the Royal family, his frequent visits would pave a way towards their reunion.

The insider went on to allege that if the couple wasn’t stripped off the Frogmore Cottage, a gift from the late Queen to Harry and Meghan, then the Duchess would have no issue with the Duke visiting UK.

“If they could have kept Frogmore, they would have done — it was the perfect setup for them,” the source said. “When he last stayed there, he did a whole load of clearing out, and he was sanguine about it but pretty sad.”