Strict orders issued for Chinese engineers security

Faisalabad : Divisional Commissioner Silwat Saeed has issued strict orders for the establishment of robust security protocols to ensure the safety of Chinese engineers and other personnel involved in various developmental projects within the division.

During a meeting held here, Silwat Saeed inspected the security measures in place for the protection of Chinese staff.

She emphasized the imperative nature of enforcing Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) when it comes to approving private security personnel responsible for safeguarding Chinese nationals.

She instructed the Deputy Commissioners (DC) and police authorities to personally visit the project sites where Chinese engineers were engaged in their duties.

This proactive approach was intended to fortify the security measures in alignment with the current security environment, she added.

She mandated routine police patrols around the Chinese camps, underscoring the significance of maintaining a continuous presence to deter any potential security breaches.

She issued a stern warning that any lapses in security would not be tolerated.