Gwadar Shipyard will emerge as a central hub for constructing new ships: Balochistan Governor

Quetta: Governor of Balochistan Malik Abdul Wali Khan Kakar believes the Gwadar Shipyard will emerge as a central hub for constructing new ships, not only benefiting Balochistan but the entire region.

He emphasized the transformative potential of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the country’s economy and particularly on Balochistan.

In a recent meeting with former Federal Minister Zubaida Jalal here at the Governor’s House, he maintained that the completion of CPEC will stimulate the commercial shipbuilding and repair industry, creating valuable employment opportunities for the people of Gwadar.

Kakar stressed the importance of involving the common people in economic activities to stabilize the country’s economic system.

He also highlighted the increasing number of youth in Makran Division gaining access to higher education, which he anticipated would yield positive outcomes.

The Governor acknowledged the significance of fishing in Gwadar and emphasized the need to enhance the capabilities of local fishermen while providing them with modern facilities.

He envisioned Gwadar as a beacon of hope for the country and the province, potentially leading them out of economic challenges towards a brighter future.