Chinese Embassy in Pakistan grants Rs 4 million to Hazara University

Mansehra: The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has granted Pakistani Rs 4 million to the Department of Pakistan Studies at Hazara University Mansehra.

This funding aims to support collaborative cultural and social projects, including traditional exhibitions showcasing Pakistani and Chinese heritage, educational workshops, and various research activities within the education field, the University said in an official statement.

The enduring relationship between the Chinese Embassy and Hazara University’s Department of Pakistan Studies has fostered bilateral collaborations in education, research, culture, and societal initiatives over the past three years.

Ayesha Alam, the Head of the Department of Pakistan Studies, played a crucial role in securing this grant, and was praised by the university community and Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Mohsin Nawaz.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Nawaz highlighted Alam’s commendable contributions to the university’s development, emphasizing the grant’s role in facilitating cultural programs, lectures, student exchanges, and educational policy development aligned with mutual Pakistani-Chinese interests.

He thanked the government and the people of China for their generosity in helping development in Pakistan in every sector.