Chinese technology, expert support lifted maize yields from 1 million metric tons to 10.5 million metric tons: Food Minister

Islamabad: Pakistani Caretaker Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Dr Kausar Abdullah Malik said that with the help of the Chinese technology and expert support maize yields had quadrupled over the past two decades, leading to an impressive increase in overall production from just over 1 million metric tons to 10.5 million metric tons in 2022/23.

In a meeting here with a delegation from CropLife Pakistan, he emphasized the strategic importance of maize in meeting national food security requirements.

Malik mentioned how China was supporting Pakistan to boost agriculture production under the second phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

He pledged the ministry’s commitment to fostering technological innovation and creating favorable policies for the continued growth of this crucial crop.

The Federal Minister highlighted various initiatives, including the enactment and enforcement of the Plant Breeders Rights Act, DNA fingerprinting for transparent intellectual property protection, and the establishment of operating standards to enhance the quality of seed research and supply.

The delegation commended Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik for his significant contributions to the seed sector, particularly in maize, where yields had considerably increased.

The CropLife representatives emphasized their member companies’ role, collectively marketing over 80% of Pakistan’s hybrid maize seed and making substantial investments in introducing high-yielding hybrids and farmer education programs.