India can’t suppress the Kashmiris for long, say speakers of a seminar at EU Parliament

Brussels: Speakers of a seminar at European Parliament in Brussels said, in the changing trends of the world, India cannot suppress the voice of oppressed people of Kashmir for a long time.

Seminar titled, “Voice of Kashmiri People in this Changing World,” was organized by Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) in connection with its on-going annual “Kashmir EU Week” involving seminars, debates, meetings and an exhibition on Kashmir in the European headquarters.
The speakers of the seminar pointed out that there is a wave of awareness against tyranny in the whole world and in support of human rights. People of the entire world are coming out to raise their voices in favor of the oppressed human beings. Now is the time to support the voice of Kashmiris as much as possible so that the international community can be willing to stop human rights abuses in the Illegally Occupied Kashmir and play its fair role to solve the Kashmir issue.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed, Rao Mustejab Ahmad, Shiraz Raj, Saddique Khan, Andre Barcs, Muhammad Ajmal, Khalid Mahmood Joshi, Aslam Hussain Shah, Hassan Ali Rahim, Syed Mustafa Bukhari, Zarvaan Ahsan Ghamidi and Amna Iqbal were speakers of the seminar.
Chairman KC-EU said, we will continue to raise our voice in favor of Kashmiris and keep knocking on the conscience of the international community.
Kashmir EU Week, the week long arrangement of events on Kashmir started early this week in the European Headquarters Brussels. The program was inaugurated with a photo exhibition on Kashmir at European press club in Brussels and it will remain continued till 15th December.
Beside the intellectuals and experts, a number of the students enrolled in the European educational institutions attended the seminar followed by a debate on different aspect of Kashmir issue at the European parliament.
Chairman of KC-EU Ali Raza Syed said, our continuous voice can change the views of the world’s nations about Kashmir and can increase the support of Kashmiris at the glob.
He further said, as in these days people in all over the world stood against the state terrorism and atrocities on the common citizens are being condemned, we hope world would prevent Indian brutalities on the Kashmiris.
Ali Raza Syed also expressed his fear that as the world is currently focused on the tense situation in Europe (Ukraine) and the Middle East, the Modi government can take advantage of this situation to carry out some heinous act in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Ali Raza Syed added, under the different pretexts, India wants to maintain its illegal possession of this region for a long time. Genocide of Kashmiris, extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests and crude tactics like amendment of domicile laws to change the Kashmiri population ratio are part of Indian nefarious motives.
He asked the international community especially European Union to take immediate action in order to stop the atrocities against the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir. So that situation of the disputed land should be normalized, and people of Jammu and Kashmir should be provided a peaceful atmosphere where they can use their right to self determination in accordance with their wishes and according to United Nations resolutions.