Rome: Fighter pilots from Sweden will begin flight training in Italy as soon as next month under a new agreement between the two countries’ militaries.

Under the deal signed Monday, more than 100 military pilots from Sweden will train in Italy over the coming decade. Basic training will take place at Galatina Air Base (LIBN) near Lecce and advanced training at the International Flight Training School (IFTS) in Sardinia.

Sweden joins a growing list of countries that are choosing to train at IFTS, including Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, Qatar, Singapore, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, Italy’s ministry of defense said.

The program is a collaboration between the Italian Air Force and Leonardo S.p.A. for advanced/lead-in to fighter training using the next-gen T-346A Integrated Training System capable of simulating F-35s, Eurofighters, and Gripens. IFTS maintains a fleet of 22 T-364A aircraft.

“This is a further significant step for the safety of European skies: finding agreements and synergies between countries that share spaces and orientations is always productive,” said General Luca Goretti, chief of staff of the Italian Air Force. “Working with Swedish colleagues will represent an opportunity for growth for both countries.”