China-Pakistan Land Resources Institute launched in Jiangxi College of Applied Technology

Beijing: The signing and inauguration ceremony of “China-Pakistan Land Resources Institute” has taken place at Jiangxi College of Applied Technology (JCAT). Speaking on the occasion,Afifa Shajia Awais, Education Attache from the Embassy of Pakistan in China, emphasized that educational cooperation was a crucial element of China-Pakistan collaboration.

She expressed the hope that the cooperation model of China-Pakistan joint training of professional talents, co-construction, and sharing of advanced vocational education concepts would lead to the training of more excellent Pakistani land resources survey and management professional and technical personnel. Afifa Shajia Awais stated that the embassy would continue to monitor the institute’s development and provide necessary support, China Economic Net (CEN) reported. Tao Xiaoju, Deputy Director General of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Natural Resources, participated in the ceremony and introduced the overall development of Jiangxi and its distinctive mineral advantages.

He proposed that the establishment of the institute represented a new milestone in the collaboration between China and Pakistan in the field of education, and another significant achievement of the amicable and pragmatic partnership between Jiangxi Province and Sindh Province. He stated that the entire China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was marked by energy and mineral cooperation projects, which demanded a significant number of skilled technical professionals specialized in land resources and mineral exploration. “It is opportune for JCAT to collaborate with Pakistan, leveraging its expertise in land resource exploration and management,” he added. In the future, over 20 Pakistani students will embark on a new learning journey in China. They will undergo professional technical training and learn the Chinese language to acquire the necessary skills to meet the demands of the international market.