‘Roadmap for Cooperation’ between Pakistan and Italy another feather in Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese’s crown

Islamabad: Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese, with unwavering dedication, played a central role in orchestrating the recent historic ‘Roadmap for Cooperation’ between Pakistan and Italy.

His diplomatic prowess and tireless efforts paved the way for a comprehensive agreement covering Trade & Investments, Heritage, Culture, Climate Change, Agriculture, Higher Education, Technical Cooperation, and Transfer of Technology.

Then federal minister Senator Sherry Rehman and Deputy Minister Maria Tripodi, after Ambassador Ferrarese’s efforts, co-chaired the 5th Session of the ‘Pakistan-Italy Joint Economic Commission,’ fostering a collaborative spirit at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 29, 2023.

Ambassador Ferrarese’s instrumental role in facilitating the establishment of the ‘Italian Trade Agency’ Office in Islamabad was acknowledged, setting the stage for enhanced economic ties.

The commitment to a ‘Joint Framework’ for combating Climate Change and advancing cooperation in Water Management reflected his diplomatic acumen.

Acknowledging the record-breaking bilateral trade of $2 billion in 2022 and the crucial role of Pakistani expats in Italy, Ambassador Ferrarese’s leadership ensured the success of the ‘G2B Session,’ where Pakistani and Italian businessmen forged connections in Leather, Textiles, and Footwear Associations.

The endorsement of the ‘Agreement for Abolition of Visas for Diplomatic Passports’ and the commitment to fast-track negotiations on ‘Migration & Labour Mobility’ showcased Ambassador Ferrarese’s ability to navigate complex diplomatic terrain.

As Senator Sherry Rehman and Deputy Minister Maria Tripodi concluded the signing the substantive ‘Roadmap for Cooperation,’ it was Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese’s strategic vision and diplomatic finesse that shone brightly, marking a significant chapter in Pakistan-Italy relations.